Friday, November 6, 2009

Catie Pellegrino


  1. Images 13-15 make for an interesting intro into a theme that many with elderly love ones consider with great fear. What does the portrait appear to look like without the other. Imagine there are three images in each set one with the couple together and the others missing one half of the pair. This could make for a very engaging set of images. Centered is the couple embraces [could be holding hands or just on the couch] and looking at the camera [lets say deadpan, but maybe lovingly]. Then you other two images are a stages image, mimicking the pose, but with out the other... the expression is the same. I'm happy to talk more with you on this idea but if you are wanting to proceed. I would discuss a reduction from the 5 images to 3 triptych.

    Also watch the cropping of the feet and the white balance.

  2. This is really narrative and i enjoy the lighting and composition.

  3. I like the shots of the couple on the couch together then one at a time, it starts to tell a story along with many of the other pics.